Kids’ Favorite Colors

In honor of the first day of school, I want to force myself to post these images.  Taken from a birthday cupquet order for a little girl and the other is for my daughter’s birthday cakes.

The orange cupquet is just a lemon cake colored orange with “thebuttercream frosting (it’s my regular buttercream, not made of shortening and powdered sugar) that was colored orange, too.  I rarely do orange cakes/cupcakes, so I did not know whether I’d love the result.  But when I saw, I decided that I love this bouquet:).  Just make it vibrant and mix it with smart colors, then it’s all good…

IMG_0010 IMG_0012


The next ones are inspired by my daughter’s current most favorite character: Minnie Mouse and her pink bow-tique… she explicitely mentioned of “pink and white polka dot Minnie”. Consisted of strawberry cake and chocolate cake layered together.

The trick to do the polka-dot ruffle skirt was making regular dot and flatten them on your half-way rolled fondant, making the dots wider and as thin as the background.  Then you cut and use the way you want to.




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Lace Wedding Cake

Just want to upload some pictures that I had not manage to upload due to busy-ness of the business…

Drop me an email if you have a question or just drop comment here…

Enjoy the last minutes of this ‘so-fast-going’ summer!

This cake was made for an outdoor wedding.  Fortunately we’ve got the location for the cake right on a nice shade area with a blessed weather situation that particular day only about 85 degree (whereas usually in TC by July like that the temp. can be up to 100-something degree:)lol).

IMG_0002IMG_0011 IMG_0012

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Romantic Summer Roses

Learning of the 2013 wedding cake trend; beside some contemporary, simplistic and creative designs, the classic cake design is still what most brides want for their cakes.

One of those elegant and classic designs is roses and lace.  Peach roses, lace and pearls!  It is so beautiful and it is perfect for Spring, Summertime or Fall wedding.  Plus, it is perfect for vintage theme wedding!



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Bread, rolls and buns

IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0073

IMG_0072 IMG_0076

To keep one’s skill in top condition is a good thing, to improve it is greater but to keep learning of new things is even humbling, and to me it reminds me that I’m always in the need of improving and learning.

One of the fun things of having connections with the local wineries is how these wineries inspire me of new food, be it sweet or savory.  And as you know, one of the pairing food for wine is bread.  So, recently I’ve been monkeying around with making bread, rolls and buns both sweet and savory ones.  To top it all, I just learned on making softer bread than what I know few years ago.  Back then, each time I bake bread, I always resented the textures that were not always as soft as I wish (yeah, couldn’t wish to have them as soft as store bought ones).  Over the years I learned to add this, replace this with that, so fort and so on until I learned about water-roux system.  Boy, how I love the result!  They are as soft as it could be being organic and natural they are (I avoid using emulsifier or anything other than flour, eggs, butter, a dash of salt, sugar, water and yeast).  Now I am also still open to any information about improving organic and natural bread, so I am all ears to receive input:), please.

Then, of course, comes the other fun part: putting different flavors on them, including lunch and coffee-time bread (where you put chicken meat, veggies, coconut, mashed mung bean, etc. as the filling).  This, too – will be updated once I learn anything new OR better yet, if anyone could educate me with new stuff:).


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About kids, summerbreak and rainbow

Here are a rainbow birthday cake and cupcakes that I made for my daughter’s end-of-school picnic.

Rainbow polka dot, ruffle and banner are really everyone’s favorite irregardless the age, but putting them in this same posting is really because they remind me of children and rainbow is just like children; they are God’s promise of blessings…

Have a blissful Summer, everyone!

IMG_0013 IMG_0021IMG_0027068067073

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Hawaiian-theme and Country theme cakes

Here are two beauties in their own ‘worlds’: Hawaiian-themed cake for a bridal shower and country-themed cake for a beautiful country-style wedding.  But both were here in eastern part of Washington state.

IMG_0005 IMG_0009 IMG_0014 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0020

and look how beautiful the wedding decor and the lanterns.  Such beautiful variations of sizes and colors gradation.

IMG_0022 IMG_0024

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Lavender Flavor and lavender colored “Cup-quet”

I never believe in addiction.  Period.  Except for cooking, baking, music, arts, crafts and books.  Now, another one: making cupquet aka cupcakes bouquet.  I just can’t help it, keep wanting to make some more and more (and always in the look for any excuse to make ones).

Many ways and tricks I do to improve on how to make them more ‘presentable’, yet deliver-able.  Those who do a lot of cupquet know so well, that the trouble with cupquet goes beyond the “cupcakes delivery/transportation”.  It goes mostly to the problem of how cupcakes often arranged to “hang” like real flowers, which often causes one of the troubles of falling apart.  Or, to the fact that the cupcakes often don’t stay put when inserted on sticks.

After learning from so many sites/blogs that teach many awesome tricks, I also come up with an idea by hot-gluing the paper-snack cups into lollipop sticks and then put glue dot inside of them, to keep the cupcakes sticking in, so it will stay secure there.

The dots and the lavenders in this bouquet are made of gum paste on wire as additional decorations to the bouquet.  And as you see, they’re doing pretty good since I put them before the cupcakes were added and frosted.

I just think this is also another great present to make for any mothers in your life (your mom, sister, cousin, sis-in-law) in this coming Mother’s Day this weekend.

IMG_0061 IMG_0070 IMG_0080


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