Lavender Flavor and lavender colored “Cup-quet”

I never believe in addiction.  Period.  Except for cooking, baking, music, arts, crafts and books.  Now, another one: making cupquet aka cupcakes bouquet.  I just can’t help it, keep wanting to make some more and more (and always in the look for any excuse to make ones).

Many ways and tricks I do to improve on how to make them more ‘presentable’, yet deliver-able.  Those who do a lot of cupquet know so well, that the trouble with cupquet goes beyond the “cupcakes delivery/transportation”.  It goes mostly to the problem of how cupcakes often arranged to “hang” like real flowers, which often causes one of the troubles of falling apart.  Or, to the fact that the cupcakes often don’t stay put when inserted on sticks.

After learning from so many sites/blogs that teach many awesome tricks, I also come up with an idea by hot-gluing the paper-snack cups into lollipop sticks and then put glue dot inside of them, to keep the cupcakes sticking in, so it will stay secure there.

The dots and the lavenders in this bouquet are made of gum paste on wire as additional decorations to the bouquet.  And as you see, they’re doing pretty good since I put them before the cupcakes were added and frosted.

I just think this is also another great present to make for any mothers in your life (your mom, sister, cousin, sis-in-law) in this coming Mother’s Day this weekend.

IMG_0061 IMG_0070 IMG_0080



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Live in the eastern side of Washington with my fun-beloved-family. Love anything artsy and creative: from painting, cooking, sewing, reading, music and singing (yes, I sing too)... and blogging (when I have time) Currently I'm just starting my cake decorating business that also caters those with special dietary needs (gluten intolerant, diabetic, vegetarian, etc.) - check out my
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2 Responses to Lavender Flavor and lavender colored “Cup-quet”

  1. IRENA says:

    Waw, what amazing work you did with the cupcakes, looks adorable! Plus big like for all these dots 😉

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