Bread, rolls and buns

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To keep one’s skill in top condition is a good thing, to improve it is greater but to keep learning of new things is even humbling, and to me it reminds me that I’m always in the need of improving and learning.

One of the fun things of having connections with the local wineries is how these wineries inspire me of new food, be it sweet or savory.  And as you know, one of the pairing food for wine is bread.  So, recently I’ve been monkeying around with making bread, rolls and buns both sweet and savory ones.  To top it all, I just learned on making softer bread than what I know few years ago.  Back then, each time I bake bread, I always resented the textures that were not always as soft as I wish (yeah, couldn’t wish to have them as soft as store bought ones).  Over the years I learned to add this, replace this with that, so fort and so on until I learned about water-roux system.  Boy, how I love the result!  They are as soft as it could be being organic and natural they are (I avoid using emulsifier or anything other than flour, eggs, butter, a dash of salt, sugar, water and yeast).  Now I am also still open to any information about improving organic and natural bread, so I am all ears to receive input:), please.

Then, of course, comes the other fun part: putting different flavors on them, including lunch and coffee-time bread (where you put chicken meat, veggies, coconut, mashed mung bean, etc. as the filling).  This, too – will be updated once I learn anything new OR better yet, if anyone could educate me with new stuff:).



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