Romantic Summer Roses

Learning of the 2013 wedding cake trend; beside some contemporary, simplistic and creative designs, the classic cake design is still what most brides want for their cakes.

One of those elegant and classic designs is roses and lace.  Peach roses, lace and pearls!  It is so beautiful and it is perfect for Spring, Summertime or Fall wedding.  Plus, it is perfect for vintage theme wedding!




About sugarainbowbakery

Live in the eastern side of Washington with my fun-beloved-family. Love anything artsy and creative: from painting, cooking, sewing, reading, music and singing (yes, I sing too)... and blogging (when I have time) Currently I'm just starting my cake decorating business that also caters those with special dietary needs (gluten intolerant, diabetic, vegetarian, etc.) - check out my
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4 Responses to Romantic Summer Roses

  1. Beautifull work of art..
    such a talented hand!

  2. kp Attman says:

    Amazing! I’m going to a wedding today, and wish this cake would be there! (but the wedding is in South America!)

  3. I’m thrilled to see the wedding cake myself! I love going to weddings and even until now, I’m still excited looking at any wedding event. I enjoy the art works shown there (music, decor, food/desserts) and I just love to breath on the “love feeling” in the air…
    Have a great time there:)

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