Lace Wedding Cake

Just want to upload some pictures that I had not manage to upload due to busy-ness of the business…

Drop me an email if you have a question or just drop comment here…

Enjoy the last minutes of this ‘so-fast-going’ summer!

This cake was made for an outdoor wedding.  Fortunately we’ve got the location for the cake right on a nice shade area with a blessed weather situation that particular day only about 85 degree (whereas usually in TC by July like that the temp. can be up to 100-something degree:)lol).

IMG_0002IMG_0011 IMG_0012


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Live in the eastern side of Washington with my fun-beloved-family. Love anything artsy and creative: from painting, cooking, sewing, reading, music and singing (yes, I sing too)... and blogging (when I have time) Currently I'm just starting my cake decorating business that also caters those with special dietary needs (gluten intolerant, diabetic, vegetarian, etc.) - check out my
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One Response to Lace Wedding Cake

  1. juliewold says:

    This cake is amazing!

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