Kids’ Favorite Colors

In honor of the first day of school, I want to force myself to post these images.  Taken from a birthday cupquet order for a little girl and the other is for my daughter’s birthday cakes.

The orange cupquet is just a lemon cake colored orange with “thebuttercream frosting (it’s my regular buttercream, not made of shortening and powdered sugar) that was colored orange, too.  I rarely do orange cakes/cupcakes, so I did not know whether I’d love the result.  But when I saw, I decided that I love this bouquet:).  Just make it vibrant and mix it with smart colors, then it’s all good…

IMG_0010 IMG_0012


The next ones are inspired by my daughter’s current most favorite character: Minnie Mouse and her pink bow-tique… she explicitely mentioned of “pink and white polka dot Minnie”. Consisted of strawberry cake and chocolate cake layered together.

The trick to do the polka-dot ruffle skirt was making regular dot and flatten them on your half-way rolled fondant, making the dots wider and as thin as the background.  Then you cut and use the way you want to.





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